What are custom invitations?
Custom invitations are made especially for you. They are all about your day. They should fit your unique personality and give your guests a taste of what your occasion will be like. They can be as simple or elaborate as youʼd like them to be. They can say whatever youʼd like them to say. It all depends on your individual taste.
How much does each invitation cost?
It depends on what you want. First, decide if you want a simple invitation, such as an un-layered panel, or if you want an elaborate invitation like a pocket fold. Next, decide on the type of paper. Do you like a matte finish or a metallic finish? A matte finish paper will be less expensive than the metallic paper. Lastly, the cost of your invitations will depend on how many inserts you need (RSVP cards, direction cards, etc.) and the number of invitations you order. 

How do you know if you're wanting a simple or an elaborate wedding invitation? Click on the links below to take you to examples of each invitation:

Do you want a one panel invitation suite?
Do you want a two or three panel invitation suite, a gate card invitation suite, or a pocket card invitation suite?
Do you want a pocket fold invitation suite?

To hear about the value of custom invitations, go here
How much time do you need to design the invitation?
Ideally 3-4 months before your wedding date. This gives us enough time to talk about what you want, order parts and have them shipped, and for me to print/assemble the invitations. But we can produce great invitations on shorter notice. Invitations for events other than weddings (shower, birthday party, New Years party, Christmas card) do not require as much time. These types of orders can be done the month before the invitations need to be in the mail.
Do you work with brides who live out-of-state?
Absolutely! I do most of my communication through email so it would not be a problem at all. Iʼd love to work with you!
What does your price include?
The final invitation price includes supplies (including any extra elements such as ribbons and crystals), design, printing, assembly, and shipping (if applicable).
Do you proofread the invitations before submitting proofs?
I will proofread for any obvious mistakes. Before I actually print the invitation, I will send you a final draft to inspect. You'll want to make sure your invitations are flawless. When you give me the final okay, I print the invitation.
What other products do you offer?
In addition to invitations, I create programs, menus, table numbers, favor tags, seating charts, and place cards. I can do anything you need for your wedding that is paper related. Having these extra products done can be a great way to incorporate the design of your invitation into your wedding day.
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